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Enalare Therapeutics Inc. is a privately owned clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing novel therapies for patients suffering from acute respiratory conditions.

Press Releases

August 22nd, 2023
The company will present posters at PAINWeek and the ASER Annual Congress regarding the company’s lead compound, ENA-001. While at the ASA Annual Meeting, the company’s lead principal investigator, Dr. Albert Dahan, will give an oral presentation, titled “Influence of Bk-channel Blocker ENA-001 on Propofol- induced Depression of the Hypoxic Ventilatory Response.”
March 8th, 2023
Enalare is a finalist for the Most Successful Early Phase Research (Preclinical and Phase I) based on its breakthrough clinical study that demonstrates, for the first time, a drug’s ability to reverse the hypoxic effect of propofol.  This was achieved with the company’s lead compound, ENA-001, an agnostic respiratory stimulant. Furthermore, Enalare was also named along with its research partner organization, NEMA Research, Inc., as one of only four nominees for Best Clinical Partnership of the year.
October 3rd, 2022
Incentives that come with the designation include eligibility for federal grants, orphan drug tax credits, waiver of filing fees, and the potential for a seven-year marketing exclusivity period. The designation does not alter the standard regulatory requirements and process for obtaining marketing approval.
September 27th, 2022
The award, stage-gated based on achievement of pre-determined milestones and deliverables, provides funding for Enalare to perform pre-clinical toxicology, human clinical studies, drug and device manufacturing, and regulatory file submission for a formulation of ENA-001 suitable for community use.


Maarten van Lemmen, B.Sc., Jeffrey Florian, Ph.D., Zhihua Li, Ph.D., Monique van Velzen, Ph.D., Eveline van Dorp, M.D., Ph.D., Marieke Niesters, M.D., Ph.D., Elise Sarton, M.D., Ph.D., Erik Olofsen, Ph.D., Rutger van der Schrier, M.D., David G. Strauss, M.D., Ph.D., Albert Dahan, M.D., Ph.D.
Thomas L. Miller, Ph.D., Lynn M. Raab, MD, Thomas H. Shaffer, MS.E., Ph.D, Alfred Schweikert, Ph.D., RAC, Frank Diana, Ph.D., Prem Fort, MD, Alana S. Frum, LVTg, RVTg, BASVT, Joseph Pergolizzi, Jr., MD, Robert B. Raffa, Ph.D.
Margot Roozekrans, M.D., Rutger van der Schrier, M.D., Pieter Okkerse, M.D., Justin Hay, Ph.D., James F. McLeod, M.D., Albert Dahan, M.D., Ph.D
Joseph F. Cotten, M.D., Ph.D.
Francis J. Golder, Matthew M. Hewitt, James F. McLeod
Rutger van der Schier, Margot Roozekrans, Monique van Velzen, Albert Dahan and Marieke Niesters
J. F. McLeod, J. M. Leempoels, S. X. Peng, S. L. Dax, L. J. Myers and F. J. Golder

Corporate Info

Enalare Corporate Presentation
BARDA Division of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Medical Countermeasures Division
Hear from our KOL, Dr. Eugene Vortsman
Northwell Health System Practicing Emergency Medicine Specialist
Hear from our KOL, Dr. TJ Gan
Stony Brook University Professor of and Chair, Department of Anesthesiology


June 18th, 2023
Poster M31 -Novel ‘Agnostic’ Pharmacologic Approach to Polysubstance Overdose
Poster S119 – Safety and Tolerability of Ascending Doses of ENA-001: A Novel Respiratory Stimulant, for the Intended Management of Pharmacologically-Induced Respiratory Depression