Developing novel therapies for life-threatening acute respiratory and critical care conditions.

Impact of Acute Respiratory Depression

Overdose Deaths in 20201
of infants born preterm experience apnea of prematurity2
Surgical Patients at High Risk of Respiratory Depression3
“There is an urgent need to develop novel agnostic therapeutic breathing stimulants to help patients suffering from acute respiratory depression. The escalating national drug overdose epidemic, together with other life-threatening conditions such as post-operative respiratory depression and apnea of prematurity, are having a devastating impact on millions of patients and adding enormous cost to our healthcare system.“
– Herm Cukier, President & CEO

Development of Novel Compounds

Our lead drug candidate, ENA-001, is a patent-protected new chemical entity (NCE) beginning additional clinical trials in the fourth quarter of 2021. With its novel mechanism-of-action and demonstrated safety and efficacy, it holds the potential to dramatically improve the lives of those impacted by several of the Nation’s Top Health Emergencies; including the Drug Overdose Epidemic and apnea of prematurity. ENA-001 will offer new treatment options for physicians, emergency responders, and care-givers addressing respiratory depression in multiple settings.

Our Pipeline

Who We Are

The Enalare Therapeutics team includes a very experienced management team, Board of Directors, world-renowned scientific advisors, and talented team members that are determined to advance our mission. This team brings decades of experience with top-tier biopharma companies, proven ability to develop and launch innovative products, and a track record of consistently creating significant shareholder value.

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